Show Talks To Harold That Needs Kidney From Amy’s Billboard

Amy was driving down the road and saw a billboard that said, ‘Harold Needs a Kidney.’ It had his full name, face and number one it, but all she could remember at first was ‘Harold Needs a Kidney.’  

After doing some tracking, they were able to find Harold Scott, the man in need of the kidney, and got him on the phone. He is 61 and has been dealing with chronic kidney disease for about 10-12 years and within the last year things have progressed to the point where he needs a kidney transplant.  

He decided to try different ways to get the word out and one of the ways was through a billboard! He hasn’t had any success with people wanting to reach out to see if they are a match so far though. Scott detailed the process for someone to find out if they are a possible match. He is registered on the National Kidney Register List and is getting his services through Vanderbilt. They would need to contact his coordinator at the Vanderbilt Transplant Center, her name is Heather Kinser. You can give her a call at 615-936-0695 ex. 2 and tell her you want to be tested to see if you are a match for Harold Scott. For a potential donor it does not necessarily have to be the same blood type. And there isn’t a timeline he needs a donor right now, but he would like to get a living donor quickly.  

Scott shared that he is a big genealogy person, he enjoys traveling and going to the mountains, and he is a huge Shania Twain fan!  

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