Everyone Shares Their Favorite Moments From Raymundo & Laura's Wedding

Raymundo and his now wife Laura got married over the weekend in a romantic ceremony just outside of Nashville. Some of The Bobby Bones Show crew were in attendance and they all shared their favorite moments from the big day (October 24).

The biggest news from the wedding came out from Bobby Bones, who shared that they all had a bet down on Raymundo crying. He was the only one who believed that Raymundo wouldn't cry. Turns out Bones won that bet because Raymundo didn't cry. Though, he confessed he had a lot of moments of vulnerability. Bones also shared that all of the groomsmen showed up to the chapel and were waiting outside to go in. He said that they waited for several minutes because the bride and bridesmaids were later than expected. So for a few brief minutes they thought Laura might not show up.

Raymundo enjoyed that everything was actually really smooth and he got a chance to talk to everyone that was in attendance. He shared that one of his favorite moments though was when they rigged the bouquet throwing to make sure that his 90-year-old grandma was in the front so she could catch the bouquet. They also spent the following day, Sunday (October 25), celebrating in Nashville with friends and Raymundo is still hungover from it.

Amy shared one of her favorite moments was Raymundo and Laura's first dance. They danced to "The Wedding Song," which Raymundo co-wrote specifically for Laura. Eric Dodd, the artist and co-writer on the song sang it with Bones and Eddie as background vocals.

Eddie confessed that his favorite moment was that Garth Brooks and Trisha Yearwood were there and they were so nice about everything.

Lunchbox talked about his favorite moment being a conversation that he had with Raymundo's mother and grandmother. They told Lunchbox that everything that comes out of Raymundo's mouth is crap. His mom also shared that she was a little upset at Raymundo, because she didn't want him to choose a sappy song for their mother son dance. However, Raymundo did exactly that and they danced to Garth Brooks' song "Mom."