The Tiki God's Have Answered: WICHITA IS GETTING A TIKI BAR!!

I have been praying for this for several years now.

A good tiki bar is my favorite thing on the planet. There's a great one in Tulsa called the Saturn Room, and if this is anything like that...we are in for a treat!!! 

Wichita is getting it's very own tiki bar called Lava & Tonic

We aren't quite sure of the location yet, but partners Alex Thomas and Paul and Jennifer Drace hope to open this tiki bar sometime in late spring. 

According to the Wichita Eagle, they’ve picked a location and are in the process of signing the lease, Thomas said. The bar will serve tiki drinks plus pizza and sushi.


Just in time for the Kenny Chesney concert too!

Here's a full list of all restaurants opening in Wichita in 2019!

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