Cookie Dough Dessert Cafe Has Opened In Wichita

There's a cookie dough dessert bar in New York City (pictured above) and I have literally been wanting to plan a trip to NYC just to go to this cookie dough bar.

I didn't think it was something we could get here...UNTIL NOW!! How unique and interesting is this?! A cookie dough dessert bar has opened in Clifton Square, by the same guy who owns Funky Monkey Shaved Ice! So you know it's going to be good!!

There's no raw eggs in it, so it's completely safe to eat! But, it tastes just like real raw cookie dough!!!

It's opened in the location that used to be Verita Coffee. I was sad when that coffee shop closed, and hopeful something just as good would open in it's place and it did!!

Let me know how it is if you've tried it! Can't wait!!

According to the Wichita Eagle:

Customers can add a scoop of homemade vanilla or chocolate ice cream to their dough and also can choose from different toppings. A one-scoop serving will cost $3.50, two scoops will cost $4.50, and three will cost $6.50. A waffle cone is $1.50 more.

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