Jordan Davis Reveals New Look

From long and grizzled to stubbly shadows, women love manly facial hair. 

Jordan Davis recently tamed his “savage mane” for his “Almost Maybes” music video, and the singer has some serious thoughts to share with Cody Alan about his dramatic new look.

“I took off some weight,” laughs the “Slow Dance In A Parking Lot” singer.

“It’s good not to have to deal with as much beard as I was dealing with, but like, I do miss it. I remember that right after I shaved it, I was like, “Man, why did I do that?” Obviously, I did do it for the video, but I do wish I still had the big beard,” Jordan shared before warning fans, “There will be no more trimming of the beard unless I’ve got at least another inch or inch and a half on it.”

Check out Jordan’s new “Almost Maybes” music video featuring Hannah Brown of The Bachelorette and Dancing With the Stars.

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Photo Credit: Getty Images.