Faith Hill Just Pulled Off The SWEETEST Surprise For Tim McGraw

Y'all.. I just can't with these two.


Faith Hill posted this video last night of her and Tim McGraw dancing and celebrating his new album Here on Earth that comes out on Friday.

It's adorable and her caption reads;

The girls and I surprised Tim with our first ever family album release party. Yeah, I know.....Honestly, it is the truth. We have never listened to one of our new albums with just the girls. Ever.
An unforgettable evening for what in my humble opinion is one of the greatest albums Tim has ever recorded. We listened to the double vinyl records blaring from the speakers!!!!!! A night we will never forget.
Here is a small clip of our special evening celebrating the man we all adore in the Mcgraw house of women.
We are so proud of this man!!!!!! He has created a masterpiece.
More to come.......