13 Rules "Bachelorette" Contestants Have to Follow

The people I know who are into the 'Bachelor' franchise are REALLY into it.

Season 21 of "The Bachelorette" kicked off last night. There's a lot more going on behind the scenes on these shows than you realize. Here are 13 rules contestants have to follow:


1. Minimum age requirement: You have to be at least 21. No word if there's an UPPER limit, though.


2. Contestants must be single: This one should go without saying, but there have been plenty of contestants with, shall we say, MURKY relationship statuses back home.


3. Contestants must agree to be filmed 24-7: And all footage is owned by the show . . . and they can use it however they want.


4. Contestants can't disclose they've been cast: You even have to sign a confidentiality agreement just to attend a casting session.


5. Contestants may be asked to take physical and psychological tests: Sure, the producers want drama, but nothing TOO crazy.


6. Contestants bring their own clothes: Although the Bachelorette often gets to work with a wardrobe person.


7. There's a dress code: A lot of it has to do with avoiding patterns that clash on camera, like stripes, small checkers, big patterns, and solid whites.


8. No cell phones: They're confiscated when filming begins. Contestants also can't play much music, because the show doesn't have the copyrights.


9. Limo entrances are strategically arranged: Producers choose the order contestants come out to make things as dramatic as possible.


10. Contestants don't normally eat on dates: Producers actually send food to their rooms BEFORE the date, so they're not hungry and don't eat the food that's put in front of them. 


Because people don't look good eating, and the microphones pick up all the chewing sounds.


11. Contestants have to endure long rose ceremonies: They film a lot more than what you see on TV.


12. No Internet: Pretty much the same as the no phone thing.


13. No spoilers after filming wraps: Contestants sign all kinds of paperwork to ensure confidentiality.



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