Adam Doleac Reveals Baby No. 1 Is On The Way — See The Sweet Announcement

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Adam Doleac and his wife, MacKinnon, are expecting Baby No. 1.

The country star revealed the joyous news on Tuesday (December 5), posting maternity photos from PEOPLE on Instagram. Doleac said this moment is a longtime coming, and could hardly contain his excitement in his caption.

“We have talked about this day since the very first night we met,” Doleac wrote. “[MacKinnon] you have never looked so beautiful, and you are going to be the best mom in the whole world. Baby Doleac, March 2024. I’m trying to play it cool right now but I haVE NEVER BEEN MORE EXCITED AB ANYTHING IN MY LIFE!!!!”

Doleac, 35, told PEOPLE that although he and his wife have always wanted a family, “it did happen a little quicker than we thought it might.” MacKinnon added that she revealed the pregnancy news to her husband thinking that the test would be negative. he was watching a football game when, “I was like, 'Babe!' and he turned around and I handed him the pregnancy test. Not as cute and sentimental as we thought, but that's probably just because I was in shock.”

Doleac and his wife tied the knot last year. The “Biggest Fan” artist shared a heartwarming one-year anniversary tribute to MacKinnon over the weekend, cherishing the “best decision I’ve ever made.”

The singer-songwriter released “Biggest Fan” as a “love letter” to MacKinnon around the time they celebrated their six-month anniversary earlier this year. The song aims to assure MacKinnon that, similar to the support she’s given him in his career as an artist, he’s her biggest fan, too.

“She has to put so much time and effort into kind of supporting this dream of mine,” Doleac previously told iHeartRadio. “She always tells me that she’s my biggest fan. …I just flipped it around and said, I’d stay all night watching you in the bright lights, like she does for me, if that’s what you wanted to do. And I’d wait in line, and I’d go through the whole thing for her, too. …She loves the song, so we actually made the cover out of a photo of us, the night after our wedding, so it’s pretty cool.”

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