Jana Kramer Posts Stunning Pic On Date Night With Her Boyfriend

Photo: Getty Images

Jana Kramer shared a stunning new selfie with boyfriend Allan Russell as she posted a few photos with their “date night crew” on Instagram. Kramer recently began dating the Scottish former soccer star, confirming the relationship on social media last month.

The actress and country artist previously dished about Russell. Kramer, 39, revealed that she’s dating Russell, 42, after teasing the relationship on an episode of Whine Down with Jana Kramer earlier this year, though she didn’t confirm his identity at the time. Kramer referred to him as “my boyfriend,” and “I am not single.” She also hinted that another episode of the show contained a vague “Easter egg” that spurred guesses by observant listeners. Kramer said that she’d never been one for long-distance relationships, but now that she’s in one, “I’m just enjoying being happy.”

Since publicly sharing her relationship with the former pro athlete, Kramer has posted heartwarming photos of the gorgeous couple. Instagram commenters — and fellow artists, including Jessie James Decker and Runaway June’s Jennifer Wayne — have posted sweet messages gushing over Kramer and Russell. Thousands of Instagram users have liked Kramer's latest photo with Russell. See their selfie from from a recent date night here: 

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