Fast-Food Chain Jack In The Box is Coming to Wichita

Jack In The Box To Release Quarterly Earnings

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Today is a day that I have been waiting for, for quite some time.

The Wichita Business Journal announced today Wichita would be expecting one of the nation's leading fast-food hamburger chains, Jack in the Box to come to the area.

As someone who grew up with access to Jack in the Box when I was younger, it became an unexpected favorite as soon as I moved away.

I know what most people might be thinking, "It's just a fast-food chain. So what."

What makes the quick-serve restaurants so appealing is their ability to take any kind of food whether it be burgers, breakfast, tacos, chicken, or both regular and curly fries, and make it surprisingly delicious and affordable.

Need more convincing? Their Tik Tok video explains it all.

In the video, the text reads, "Jack in the Box is the superior fast food chain. Hungry at 2am? We're open. Don't want to spend a lot of money? Our food is affordable. You're 💨? We got munchie meals. Not feeling regular fries? We have the best curly fries 🍟. Want ice cream but worried the machine's broken? We always have milkshakes."

Still not convinced? Here's another vid.

He isn't joking about the tacos. They're nothing special in appearance, but they manage to always hit the spot.

The best news is the company, "plans to jump into the Wichita market and open 20-25 locations in the next five years," according to the Wichita Business Journal.

For more details, check the full WBJ article here.

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