Casey Donahue

As a part of its Summer Concert Season, Capitol Federal Amphitheater proudly welcomes Casey Donahue with Kyle Park Friday, August 6th.

Tickets start at $25 and go on sale May 21st.

Listen to the Bull for your chance to win tickets.

Get more ticket and show info here.


James Lann replaces Mike Ryan as opener for Casey Donahue

James Lann caught the music bug at an early age. “My uncle had a band,” the singer/songwriter remembers, “and I was in his truck one time. He heard me singing with the radio and thought that I should sing a couple songs with his band. Man, I was scared as can be, but it actually went over pretty well. Everybody loved it, and I got the buzz right there.”

Raised two hours from the nearest telephone on the cattle ranches of New Mexico and Arizona, Lann didn’t get the chance to grow up seeing the singers and musicians he looks up to today. “I went to a one room schoolhouse with no electricity and eight kids in it,” he says. “We pumped all of our water out of a creek, and that’s what we’d use in the house. We didn’t do a lot of TV watching and all that. It was a lot of classic country music that I’d listen to; 1970s and ‘80s country like Conway Twitty, Eddie Rabbit, Alabama, George Jones and Dan Seals.”

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