Family Builds A "Candypult" For Halloween

One family came up with a solution for socially distant trick-or-treat.... a candy catapult. Watch this!

Halloween 2020 is gonna be an odd one. Some people don't feel comfortable going door-to-door with the current pandemic, so people have been coming up with creative ways to stay distant but also still hand out candy to the ghouls and goblins.

Vince Mak, of York County, Pennsylvania and his family brainstormed ideas to hand out the candy this year and the "Candypult" was born. Mak told Fox 43, "we came up with a creative way to throw candy at kids..safely". The fill up the homemade catapult and sling it towards the trick-or-treaters. This was their way to have some fun and make "everybody...feel happy" this holiday.

I love it! So awesome!

Other people have created candy slides like this to stay distant from the kiddos.

This family even came up with a ghostly zipline to hand out goodies.