Endangered Baby Gorilla Born At Boston Zoo

Watching adorable animals relieves stress... so here you go. This adorable gorilla will give you all the feels.

Franklin Park Zoo is celebrating a major birth inside their zoo. 39-year-old mommy Gorilla Kiki just gave birth to a healthy and super cute baby boy. She delivered a baby boy via cesarean section on October 14 and all seems well with mama and baby. This is her first boy, but she is mother to 4 other girl gorillas too.

Kiki is a western lowland gorilla, which are an endangered species, so this is a pretty special moment. The species has declined by over 60% due to poaching and disease, according to the World Wildlife Fund.

Mama and baby will spend some time alone bonding, before they are put back into the exhibit area. Her baby was conceived with recommended breeding techniques with her mate, Kitombe.

Can't help but be all smiles watching this video. Congrats Kiki!

(main photo: Getty Images)