9-Month Pregnant Woman Runs A Mile In Under 5 1/2 Minutes

(Photo: Getty Images)

(Photo: Getty Images)

A 9-month pregnant woman is making the viral rounds by completing a mile run in under 5 1/2 minutes. Let's just say with all this quarantine weight... I couldn't finish a mile in double that time. #Crazy

Makenna Myler, 28, is an athlete from California whose doctors cleared her to keep running and training, even at 9-month into her pregnancy. Being healthy and in shape is good for the baby for an athlete of her status. Myler is a member of the Valor Track Club in Orange County and runs five to six times a week.

Myler ended up making a little bet with her husband, Mike, that she couldn't finish a mile in under 8 minutes. She blew that out of the water and had to have broken some sort of record with a time of 5:25. Mike videoed her run and it's amazing. Just to put it into perspective, an average woman runs a mile in just over 10 minutes and that's without being pregnant. I don't even think I could beat 10 minutes right now! Matter of fact, I got winded watching the video.

"I think pregnancy is a beautiful thing and it's not an injury or a sickness, that you're still really capable," Myler told Good Morning America.

Shout out to the amazing Mother's out there. Pregnancy in itself is quite a wild and trying experience. You are all miracle makers and show strength beyond what can be comprehended. My wife got through 3 really tough pregnancies to bless us with our family. She's a superhero, from what I saw her go through.

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