Morgan Wallen's Son Goes as Dad For Halloween

Indie Wilder is the 3-month-old son of country superstar Morgan Wallen and he's already got his mullet game strong.

KT Smith, the mother of Morgan's child, shared a picture of the adorable Indie acting like daddy. She put a cute mullet wig, with a cut off sleeve flannel and even the one dangly earring on the him. He was a spitting image of Morgan. Super cute!

It speaks well of her feelings towards Morgan too, I think. Even with the latest "scandal" with college girls and getting shows cancelled, she still admires him and wants her son to look up to his Daddy. That's admirable on her part. It's tough to figure out co-parenting and especially when they're both in their 20's and he's a traveling musician.

Here are some more adorable pic of Indie to make you smile.

Let's hope Morgan does what he says and "grows up a little" and sees the value in being a Father and loving this child with all he's got. Being a Dad is a new chapter in life that is hard but completely rewarding. It's my greatest accomplishment to date.