The Anchor Will Be Closing For 6 - 8 Weeks This Summer For A Remodel

The Anchor is hands down one of our favorite spots in the ICT.

The owner has been discussing for years the idea of remodeling the restaurant. She's finally pulling the trigger on that idea, bigger bar + bigger / newer bathrooms! The Anchor will be closed for 6-8 weeks this summer...BUT DON'T WORRY!!! She talked with Denise from the Wichita Eagle and it sounds like she has an amazing backup plan!

According to the Wichita Eagle:

The owner (Schane Gross) is taking over the building at 151 S. Laura that was once home to wholesale florist Roots & Bloom and is turning it into an event center. The space is right around the corner from The Anchor, and will serve as a temporary home to the bar during the remodel.

The new venue is called Anchor 151, and after The Anchor project is complete, she'll continue using it for events and private parties. She also plans to put on her own events at the venue, which has both indoor and outdoor space, and may even use it for Tiki parties on Final Fridays.

Her goal is to start the remodel of Anchor 151 soon and have it ready to go before she begins tearing up The Anchor. Then, she'll move her Anchor operations temporarily around the corner.

"We'll just operate out of there," she said. "It will be like a daily pop up. We'll do what we can when we can."



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