Two New Sidewalk Patios Are Opening This Friday In Wichita

The Douglas Design District is about to get even better!

If you've been to Piatto or The Hopping Gnome recently, you probably have noticed the construction. Well, it ends Friday; and they're opening two new patios that they're hoping make the area even more inviting. And we know it will!

Dining With Denise says it gives her reminiscent vibes of all the open and inviting patios you may see all over Europe. And we are so down for that!

The Wichita Eagle says:

“It provides us with that much more exposure, and it's reminiscent of the sidewalk cafes in Italy,” said Robert McMullin, Piatto’s owner. “Douglas Design District keeps getting more and more attention, and we want to continue to develop and add value to an already thriving area.”

“We think it will enhance everyone’s experience and help open it up when we are really busy,” she said.

Can't wait!

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