Consumer Credit Counseling Services Is Here To Help

The only non -profit agency dedicated to financial literacy to all Kansans, Consumer Credit Counseling Services (CCCS)provides trained financial counselors to help give you soled advice on your finances. Since 1985, the majority of the organization’s clients have regained control over their finances with new tools for money management.

Highly-qualified CCCS counselors are easily available on the phone or via email, website and social media channels. The organization also launched a new online platform as a continuation of resources offered traditionally.Online videos and remote credit counseling broaden the tools available to Kansans struggling financially due to COVID-19.

CCCS works to build financial stability for Kansas households. The organization offers homeownership classes, credit counseling and debt management planning. CCCS is an affiliate of the National Foundation for Credit Counseling, a Housing and Urban Development certified housing counseling agency, approved to provide financial counseling and education in compliance with U.S. bankruptcy code, and registered with the Office of the Kansas State Bank Commissioner.

Many resources are available for clients trying to cut costs, increase earnings and build a spending plan that works for them. Financial counseling is free to all that need it. Consumer Credit Counseling Services is a true local nonprofit community service organization designed to help you make decisions. Reach out online or over the phone. Now is the time to make good choices for long term financial health.

Consumer Credit Counseling Services

316.265.2000 - Wichita Area

785.827.6731 - Salina Area

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