Electric Scooters May Be Coming To Wichita

The first time I saw these electric scooters in action was when I was in downtown Kansas City for the weekend. People were zipping all over the place on these awesome scooters. I was so fascinated by how much fun people were having and how easy it was to use one. I was kind of jealous that Wichita didn't have scooters, but not anymore!

According to the KAKE news article, "Wichita's Director of Transit, Mike Tann, says Bird scooters could be flying into the ICT too." 

Needless to say, I am TOO excited for this!

I am aware that some people have hesitations when it comes to the scooters. There has been an increase in accidents associated with the scooters. 

Tann continues on to say, "Those are the things that we are very, very concerned about as we begin these discussions," and says the City is making sure things are done right so that everyone enjoys the scooters.

Read the full article here!

Photo: Getty Images

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