I LOVE THIS SHOW!  Back in 1990, a TV show premiered on ABC called "Twin Peaks."  And even if you didn't see it, it had a massive influence on the shows you watched.  Despite surviving only 29 epsiodes on network television, it was the most creative, unique, disturbing and unlikely thing to hit television.

Think about what network TV drama series' were like 24 years ago.  Now imagine alongside shows like "Father Dowling Mysteries" and "MacGyver" came a TV show that featured nightmares of dancing dwarves, a high school homecoming queen murdered and wrapped in plastic, an eccentric FBI agent sent to investigate, demonic possession and an evil other-worldly dimension hiding in the woods outside of a small town.  It was equal parts horror, suspense, drama and even oddly comedic.

"Twin Peaks" is finally on Blu-Ray DVD beginning July 29th.  I've already pre-ordered my copy.  The show lives on through Netflix.  And it's CRAZY good!  Getting hooked is the easy part, but it's a short-lived series so get ready for unfinished plot-lines that suddenly end without resolution.  But with the mysteries remaining unsolved, it's been mulled over and discussed regarding it's meanings for decades.  It's well-worth checking out.  And in my opinion, the greatest TV series ever created for network TV.